Margo’s Dark Root Beer

 Flavor: This is a nice thick root beer, the molasses is present.  Mild earthy flavor that is consistent.  I enjoy this one very much. Caffeine: free Carbonation: Average Container: bottle Location: LA, CA Sugars: Evaporated Cane sugar juice, molasses Rating: 8-bottles

Ozark Mountain Bottleworks Root Beer

Flavor: Mild cream gives way to a dry aftertaste.  It's pretty mild overall.  There's a bit of a strangeness to it, almost sharp, but it doesn't taste like sarsaparilla or other common root beer ingredients I'm used to. Caffiene: Free Carbonation: Moderate. Container used: Bottle Location: Branson, MI Sugars: Cane Rating:   3-bottles

Freaky Dog Soda Rooffbeer

 This root beer is pretty creamy, almost like a cream soda with an aftertaste that reminds me a little of Yoohoo.  I'm not a huge fan of cream sodas and this kinda coats your throat with an uninspired flavor. It has a mild carbonation.  The cane & brown sugar are present. Caffeine Free.  Drank from bottle. Location: Connecticut 2 bottles.

Domain mgmt

It's been ages since I've requested a domain, so I figured I'd bite the bullet and create one.  For a front end I am choosing to make it a blog for now.  I'll probably abandon this after a couple posts so I hope you enjoy a dead page as much as I do. Notes so far: Getting the actual domain is super simple. Putting something meaningful behind it is super hard. I'm not sure what I'm doing just yet but am enjoying the back-end admin utilities much more than worrying about anything for the front-end.  Typical.